Rebirth Of An Innovator

The Challenge

A true innovator in the space, global luxury hair tool brand T3 Micro was first to market with hair tool technologies that have now become industry standard. As challenger brands copied the technology-first positioning and encroached on market share, T3 was seeking to re-establish themselves as the industry leader. Jane LA was engaged to shepherd T3 through a wholesale transformation of their digital destinations and experiences.


Working with the CEO, General Manager, and top marketing brass, we took a deep dive into the state of the business and set clear goals for our engagement. We performed a brand and technology audit to develop a 360-degree view of the ecosystem. We synthesized our findings and recommendations to deliver a wholesale transormation of the ecommerce experience, and developed engaging points of interaction on both the primary ecom destination and two new dedicated microsites to support new product launches.

eCommerce & Microsite Design

T3 relied on a third party ecommerce provider that delivered a poor experience moving from brand destination to shopping. We worked with T3 to remove friction from the customer journey and helped navigate the transition to a single site experience. We also created custom destinations and content strategies to support major launches of new, groundbreaking products.

eCommerce & Microsite Design eCommerce & Microsite Design eCommerce & Microsite Design

Customer Acquisition

With a mission to double eCommerce revenue in two years, our customer acquisition campaigns needed to be effective and efficient from launch. Starting with a great strategy, our organic search campaign required a high level of coordination across multiple destinations and platforms, and a robust product catalogue. A data-driven approach to demand and competitive analysis unearthed content creation and partnership opportunities that were extended across the marketing mix in Pay Per Click, Social, and Influencer campaigns. Our previous work on the T3 branding made it easy for our strategists to maintain brand integrity across all points of execution.



We gathered the company’s key stakeholders for our brand immersion process designed to bring out great ideas and drive consensus for the future of the company. Through this process, we were able to identify brand weaknesses and reimagine the identity to better connect with current and future Janes. We emerged with a fresh brand direction, clear plans for upcoming campaigns, and collective enthusiasm for the future.