Reinvigorating The Customer Experience

The Challenge

Proactiv is the top selling skin care product in the world, and was struggling to execute an effective organic search strategy with their highly valuable property. They were stymied by strict legal guidelines, legacy technologies and competing priorities across internal teams. They turned to Jane LA to get them unstuck, breathe excitment into a stale property, and generate meaningful traffic from organic search traffic.

A Data-Driven Strategy

Employing a first principles approach, we completely redefined the goals and targets of the organic search campaign through data-driven analysis of demand and competition. Starting from this blank canvas allowed us to eliminate noise and focus on impact. We delivered a fresh perspective on project goals with a content gap analysis, and overhauled Information Architecture. Migrating from legacy systems can be tricky, and careful planning and strategy is required. We delivered technical guidelines and requirements, including a complete URL mapping document with onsite optimization to ensure existing search equity would be passed to the new platform, where we could begin growing our footprint.

An Immersive Content Experience

We completely reimagined the user experience by proposing a more interactive and personal approach that allowed users to select their symptoms as a path toward content discovery and education. We followed our well established design and development processes to deliver a finished product that offered a huge upgrade from the legacy experience that was flat and uninspiring.

An Immersive Content Experience

Strategic Information Architecture

The IA needed to be user friendly, focused on SEO goals with an optimized taxonomy. We unpacked the existing content, married that with the content analysis gap, and executed a sitemap that would propel us towards our traffic goals, without compromising ease of navigation and fluidity of content discovery.